Rules and Regulations

The Library is a place of quiet study. Silence must be observed at all times inside and outside the library block.

  1. The College Library and Reading Room are open only to the staff and students of the College.
  2. The Library and Reading Room will be open every day from 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. except on Saturday when they will be closed at 1.00 p.m.
  3. The procedure to use the Library is as follows:

 (i) Every student who wishes to use the library shall produce her identity card at the entrance counter.

(ii) She shall surrender her personal belongings at the counter and secure a token which she will keep carefully with her. She will carry with her only the identity card, loose sheets of paper, pen and money purse (not bag).

 (iii) She shall enter the library in silence and use the reference section or magazine section for reading or taking down notes.

(iv) When a student leaves the library she will surrender the token and claim her belongings from the entrance counter and then go out. She cannot carry any books out of the library except the books issued to her.

  1. Three Borrower’s Tickets will be issued to every student at the beginning of the year. A student should present the Borrower’s Ticket as well as her identity card each time she wants a book to be issued or returned to the library. The Borrower’s Tickets must be kept carefully by the student and are to be used for the entire course of study, until a student leaves the college.  If the tickets are lost the students should report the fact immediately to the librarian and make arrangements to get another set of tickets with a fine of Rs. 25 per card.
  2. Issue of Books:
  3. i) Books will be issued to the students on all the days of the week.

(ii) Books will be issued at the outermost entrance counter of the library. Students should apply for library books on the prescribed application slip which should be dropped into the box.  Books will be issued to the students within 24 hours of application.

(iii) No student is allowed to take more than 3 books at a time (2 reference and 1 general).

(iv) When a book which has been applied for is not available, a reject slip will be issued. In this case the student may ask for another book in its place.

(v) A reference book must be returned after a week. The book may, however, be renewed for another week, if there is no other application for the said book.

  1. Students shall note that the library is not a place of recreation or relaxation. Any student found misbehaving in the library shall surrender the identity card to the library staff. Her case will be reported to the Principal by the Librarians. She will not be given any library facility until she gets the Principal’s permission in writing.
  2. All books, magazines and furniture must be handled with care. Books lost, torn, defaced, marked or damaged in any way shall have to be replaced by the borrower along with the fine as fixed by the Principal. , Students are expected to examine the books issued to them and draw the attention of the librarian if they are found damaged. A student caught in damaging the furniture, etching or scribbling on tables, chairs etc., will forfeit the privilege of using the library for the year.
  3. Apart from the use of books in the library, the college has authorised every department to make available, reference and text books to students.
  4. Sub-lending of Library books whether in or out of College is strictly prohibited.
  5. In the last week of February a student is permitted to apply for two books from the library by paying an amount equivalent to the cost of the book as a caution deposit. They are permitted to keep these books till the last day of the examination as per the time table. The books must be returned on the following day to the library and the caution deposit claimed from the librarian. The refund of the caution deposit can be obtained by the III Degree students immediately after the exams. While the students of I & II Degree will collect the same between June 1st and June 15th. If the student fails to return the books on the specified day a fine of Rs. 1/– per day will be charged. Their results will not be declared to them until they clear all dues.
  6. Periodic changes regarding the rules and regulations of the library will be put up on the notice board.
  7. The operations of issuing and returning of library books have been computerized. Students will strictly adhere to the instructions and procedure of applying for and returning of the library books through the computer at the entrance counter.